BROUA - برُوَّ

BROUA is a Tunisian-Dutch music group based in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Blending traditional Arabic music with Mediterranean and contemporary influences, the group creates its own unique sound. BROUA's distinctive sound is further enhanced by the combination of instruments such as double bass, violin, oud, a range of percussion from around the world and various wind instruments.

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Our artistic approach

BROUA's music is inspired by their cultural heritage, but also by their life experiences in different countries and their encounter with new musical styles. Their music is a fusion of traditional Tunisian rhythms and contemporary sounds, influenced by jazz, rock and world music. According to Wissem Ziadi, “We are all looking to create something new and unique, while honoring our musical roots”

Wissem Ziadi

Author, Composer, Vocals and Violin

Tarek Maaroufi

Guitar, percussion and backing vocals

Nebil Ben Rejeb

Oud and choirs

Peter Bout


Slim Mosbah


Frank Normand

Clarinet and flute